Italian Trivia

It’s A Fact

  • The colors of the Italian flag were chosen by Napoleon Bonaparte and they were the French Flag with different colors.
  • Did you know it is believed that Galileo Galilei invented the thermometer?
  • Alessandro Volta of Como invented the battery in 1800, hence the term Volts.
  • Many think the first laptop computer was invented in the 1980s. Nope. Olivetti, in the 1970s, was making minicomputers, which were in fact laptop computers.
  • Styling in battle: Italian Air Force uniforms were designed by the one and only, Giorgio Armani.

In Italy…

  • Ouch! Italians have to give a portion of their salary to the church. One has no choice and they cannot contribute to another charity.
  • Say what?! Many communities in Italy have their own dialect and many elderly folk speak only that and little or no Italian
  • No place like home: Italian kids tend to live at home until they get married, so it is not unusual for a 43-year-old to still live with momma and poppa.
  • Italians are close-knit and tend not to stray to far from their parents. When purchasing a housed or apartment, many will live above, below or beside their parents.
  • This falls under the, you-must-be-kidding-me department: Italians pay tax on the amount of sun their house or shop gets, but if they use an awning, they pay tax on the shade that awning makes!
  • Did you know that most Italians eat pasta with every meal – they then move on to steak, chicken, seafood, or whatever comes next? It’s true — if they don’t consume pasta, they feel as if they haven’t really eaten.