Home Of The Sicilian Muffaletta

Thin sesame bread layered with mozzarella, jack and provolone cheeses and Italian spices warmed in our brick oven.
Choose Meat with thinly sliced ham, or Vegetarian with shredded carrots and pesto.

Sicilian Muffaletta

Muffaletta Slice
Choose Ham or Veggie $4.95

Muffaletta Appetizer
Choose Ham or Veggie
Sliced and served with ranch dressing $5.50

Lunch Special
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Every Day
Sicilian Muffaletta Special
Muffaletta slice & a bottomless soda $6.50
Sicilian Muffaletta Meal Deal
Muffaletta slice, side garden salad & a bottomless soda $10.95

Whole 14” Sicilian Muffaletta
Choose Ham or Veggie
8 slices or double cut for a
delicious appetizer $34.95

Try The Sicilian

Muffaletta Specialty Sandwich

Upper Crust Pizza & Pasta Santa Cruz makes their Sicilian muffaletta sandwich with great attention to savory taste and texture.

They start with their thin dough, coated with extra virgin olive oil, topped with sesame seeds, and baked in their brick oven to a toasty golden brown.Their muffaletta bread is then sprinkled with Italian spices and layered with Provolone, Mozzarella and Jack cheese. For meat lovers, it’s layers of thin-sliced deli ham; the veggie version consists of layers of shredded carrots and zesty garlic-basil pesto.

Both are oven heated to a warm, crunchy texture, resulting in a delicious melody of flavors. We’re certain Upper Crust’s muffaletta sandwiches would make their Sicilian ancestors proud.


From Sicily To New York To New
Orleans To Santa Cruz, California

The history of the muffaletta goes back to the Central Grocery of New Orleans. Sicilian farmers, who sold their produce at the nearby Farmers Market, would come into the store and order cold cuts, cheeses, and other deli items. In typical old-world style, they would sit and eat while balancing their food on their laps.

One day, the market owner had a “brain storm” by suggesting his customers place their luncheon foods between two slices of bread. Initially, they opted for braided Italian bread, but it wasn’t a good match as the bread was to thick. Muffaletta bread, softer than braided bread, soon became their go-to bread… Eventually, the word spread about the Central Grocery’s new sandwich as customers would simply order a “muffaletta.”

Whole Veggie Muffaletta

Only at Upper Crust:
beer, pizza & great muffaletta!

Enjoy the pesto veggie muffaletta appetizer – it’s delish!